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Store 66 Gift Vouchers

Store 66 gift vouchers make a great gift idea for family and friends, suitable for any special occasion. These gift vouchers can be purchased and redeemed at only Store 66. The gift vouchers available, denomination and validity date.

Corporate Buys

The corporate customer visits the Store 66 store and highlights the merchandise they wish to purchase. A proforma invoice is then prepared by Store 66 and sent to the concerned corporate organization to confirm the items indicated and raise a local purchase order ( L.P.O).
Once Store 66 is in receipt of the L.P.O, an invoice is issued to the corporate.

NB: Collection of goods paid by cheque only happens after the proceeds of the cheque have been received into the Store 66 account. Exchange Policy

In order to maintain customer satisfaction,Store 66 accepts returns on merchandise for exchange provided that:- 1. Proof of purchase is produced (i.e. receipt). 2. The merchandise is in its original condition i.e. (Not worn and has all tickets and labels attached. Exceptions may be made if the item has been worn but the defect is seen to be a manufacturing fault). 3. The merchandise is returned within 30 days of purchase. 4. The merchandise to be exchanged is not underwear.
Defective merchandise will be exchanged provided that it is not as a result of excessive wear, negligence or non-adherence to cleaning instructions on the garment label.
Cash refunds are not allowed. However, if a customer is not satisfied and is completely unable to find an alternative, the customer will be offered Store 66 Gift Vouchers or a credit note of the same value of the exchange. In addition, • No exchanges or returns will be accepted on “Sale” and “Reduced” merchandise. • All exchanges are undertaken at the value of the product when it was purchased.

Reservations Policy

To ensure that our customers are delighted and get to enjoy the products of their choice, we offer a product reservation service at the store.
Once a customer shows an interest to purchase a product but opts to pay for it at a later date, The store has a provision to reserve the merchandise for a maximum period of three (3) days.
Customer Orders
Should the situation arise where an item requested by a customer is not currently available in the store, the Store Manager/Supervisor at the respective store will record the customer request on a customer request form which will include the following details:
• The customer’s name and contact details. • The item requested (code and description). • Quantity requested. • Delivery timelines. This information will be furnished to the suppliers and upon receiving feedback on the product availability/delivery lead-times, the Store Manager will inform the customer to ascertain whether to proceed with the order.
On arrival of the merchandise at the Store 66 warehouse, the customer will be informed and their preferred date and Place of collection confirmed.

Terms of Purchase

1. Goods shall be purchased “as is”, according to the samples provided, and any alterations or modification shall not be undertaken by Store 66. However, if modifications
requested can be accommodated e.g. branding, this will be done at an additional fee.

2. While the company will make every effort to ensure that the goods are delivered within the stipulated time, Store 66 shall not be bound by such dates and will not accept liability for any loss, expense or damages caused as a result of external circumstances beyond our control.

Customer Service

We endeavor to exceed our customers’ expectations with regard to customer service by providing a pleasurable and remarkable shopping experience in our stores. It is for this reason that we have created an appealing shopping ambiance at all our stores through installation of top of the range air conditioning, lighting that highlights the look of our merchandise, shopping baskets that ease ones shopping load, training of store personnel on customer service skills and mirroring the laid out franchise standards for visual merchandising.

Home Deliveries

We endeavor to meet the needs of the busy and dynamic customer who may not be able to visit our stores at their convenience to pick up merchandise they wish to purchase. To this end, Store 66 will offer a free delivery service which the customer can enjoy by following the simple steps outlined below:

a) The customer pays in full for the merchandise they require. We accept cash and all types of debit/credit cards.

b) The customer furnishes the manager at the store with details of where they would like the merchandise delivered – a physical address of their home or office – and the date and time they would like the delivery made.

c) The merchandise is then transported free of charge to the customer’s desired location.

d) Upon delivery and receipt of goods, the customer or their appointed contact person signs a delivery note to ascertain that goods have been delivered as purchased.

Payment Options

At Store 66, we’re committed to making things as convenient as possible for you. That’s why there are no less than 4 ways for you to pay your account:

• In-store cash desk

• Credit/Debit card (and the customer must provide a Passport of

• Identity card for proof of ownership)

• Cheque (Good’s purchased using this payment method will stay in store until cheque is cleared)

• M-pesa

Our Blog

Blog article

Body Shape Guide
Body shape shows a lot. It’s a glimpse of how fertile and fit you may be. A combination of your build with your muscle and fat distribution determines your shape. Yes, we use geometric shapes to give you an idea of what your body is like! There is science behind it—different body shapes are associated with unique health outcomes.
Hourglass Body Shape
The name says it all. This body shape is curvy in all the right places: bust and booty. It’s pretty much a universal perception of what is womanly and attractive.
Health Implications: Hourglasses tend to have more estrogen because of their wider hips and breasts, which is ideal for fertility and pregnancy.
Celebrity Examples: You may have already guessed—Marilyn Monroe and Christina Hendricks (the modern 50s gal from “Mad Men”) are hourglasses.

Fashion Tip: Pencil skirts in a solid color show of curves and leave much to the imagination—intriguing!

Circle Body Shape
Commonly called apples, women with a circle body shape have smaller shoulders and hips. They also tend to have slender legs and a slim booty. All fit! Though the fat has to go somewhere… With circles, it’s right smack in the middle: the stomach.
Health Implications: According to past studies, a larger waist in comparison to the rest of the body could put you at greater risk for heart disease. Scientists are beginning to challenge this assertion. Either way, it’s important that you feel in control of your body fitness. As you move in different phases of your life, your shape can take different forms.
Celebrity Examples: “30-Rock’s” Jane Krakowski and TV/film actress Dianne Wiest. Some celebs fluctuate with this body shape, like Renée Zellweger. Jennifer Hudson went from a circle shape to hourglass.

Fashion Tip: Tops with a wide, scoop neck to show some skin up top, while giving shape.

Triangle Body Shape
This shape has a shapely bottom, with a tinier waist. Triangles are a classic feminine shape.
Health Implication: Triangles are likely to have increased fertility, from the estrogen that’s putting more weight on their hips.
Celebrity Examples: Tons of actresses and singers, from Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Lopez.
Fashion Tip: Triangles can rock a horizontal striped top and a jacket cropped above the waist, drawing attention above.
Ruler Body Shape
With a ruler, there’s only a tiny bit of a curve at the hips. They mostly have a straight torso, with shoulders that align with the torso.
Health Implication: A high WHR ratio could increase risk of certain diseases, but rulers tend to be thin overall. Keeping your Body Mass Index within healthy range can keep these risks at bay.
Celebrity Examples: Two strong and successful women: Jennifer Garner and Madonna.

Fashion Tip: Rulers can really play up a blouse with feminine ruffles and skirts with rounded hemlines.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape
Generally, this body is athletic and strong. The broadest part of the body? The shoulders and the chest. The torso and waist are tighter.
Health Implication: You benefit from a small waist, which can keep your heart disease risk low.
Celebrity Examples: Super sports star Serena Williams and actress Hilary Swank.
Fashion Tip: Inverted triangles can go bold with wide leg pants, which balance out the body.

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